Helping Women in Crisis

Heather Earrings

When you purchase a piece of handcrafted jewelry at, a portion of each sale goes to help women in crisis in the Austin, TX area.

We see them every day—women who drift in and out of the shadows on the streets; in our places of business; in our schools; and yes in our houses of worship. They hide in shadows because they are abused, abandoned, enslaved, chained to drugs and alcohol, and subjugated to life-controlling choices they have made. They hide in shadows because they have lost hope; lost self-respect; lost their freedom, and lost “their way.” But ‘lest we forget, too many of us they are our daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers. They are women in crisis, and they are silently crying out for help.   Yet, in the central region of Texas, there are more refuge shelters to help animals than affordable rehabilitative facilities to help women in crisis. Restoration Ranch, Texas offers women and their families Hope, FreedomLove, Respect.

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ was planted in the mind and heart of Executive Director, Jenifer Wakefield over six years ago while working with at-risk women in a ministry setting. This work continues today, but the need for quality and available on-the-ground resources for women in crisis is escalating within the greater Austin community. Over time, Jenifer Wakefield’s dream of a first-class restorative care ranch has materialized into a movement of other passionate Christ-followers who also see the need to help provide women at risk with a safe and effective environment. The desire behind Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to meet the tangible, human needs of those in crisis by providing a biblically sound place to live, learn, work, and develop a healthy perspective to their healing journey.

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